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3X Your Mind - Muscle Connection With This Simple 6-Second
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benI almost quit the sport of
bodybuilding in 2010…

...which I’ll tell you about in a second! First, please understand that the simple muscle activation technique I’m about to reveal to you may seem strange at first… yet I really think it might be THE missing link in building the body you crave. Listen, you’re going to have to put down the weights for a few minutes to make it work though…

However, the rewards will be insane. Even the biggest, strongest guys will instantly unlock new muscle growth potential in only the first few minutes.

Because it fixes the #1 mistake almost every guy in the gym is making...

Are YOU Making The Same Mistake?

After months of living, eating and breathing my training — sometimes spending as much as 4 to 5 hours a day at the gym — I was devastated by my 7th place showing at the New York Open in 2010. I truly thought about quitting due to the subjective nature of our sport.

However, I’m not a quitter…

And when I looked back at the pictures from the contest, I realized that the judges were right. Countless hours at the gym, and the hardest workouts of my life had not delivered a physique deserving of victory.

I realized that my strengths got stronger, and my weaknesses weaker. And it was glaring when I stepped on stage.

The bodyparts that I always built easily continued to respond well. Yet even exceptional effort — and every workout intensifier under the sun — seemed to build much less muscle than my effort would have dictated. I worked my ass off. And although I gained a lot of weight, it just didn’t look the way I wanted it to.

Clearly I was missing something. And that’s what started a revolution in my training that took me all the way to a second place finish at the 2012 Arnold Classic and still propels me every single day in the gym. And get this, today I spend LESS time in the gym, and get twice the results, because I now understand one simple principle…

This is Your Muscle Building Missing Link! Fact is, your body is DESIGNED to make things easy!…

Think about it… It will do everything in its power to move all that weight you're lifting onto the BIGGEST and STRONGEST available muscle that can handle the load. Your body tries to disperse a load so that it can sustain the activity forever if necessary. The LAST thing your body wants to do is build muscle.

Weak muscles stay weak, big muscles get bigger. That’s a fact of nature... unless you learn to take control! ...Make your body do what YOU want to do, not what IT wants to do!

Yup, the ONLY reason for a lagging bodypart is a failure to create enough TENSION in the muscle through its complete RANGE OF MOTION

The reason people have strong bodyparts is that their body naturally puts a lot of tension into those muscles, usually due to the lengths of levers (arms and legs), and the size and shape of the muscles.

checker BUT... unfortunately, even if you believe what I’m telling you right now, you won’t be able to fix it, yet! checker Until you learn to properly activate the muscle in the most biomechanically optimal way, you will never pack on the kind of mass you desire and deserve… No matter how much weight you put on the bar!
Bpak Are You Making It Worse Every Time You Lift?

This may sound harsh, but even the lightest dumbbell could be too much weight for you when it comes to retraining your muscles to fire properly.

Let me ask you this…

If you were to hit a conventional bodybuilding-style pose — try a bicep pose, or a lat spread… — can you squeeze the appropriate muscle and hold it HARD?

95% of you will have a hard time doing this, and most of you will find some way to cheat your way into thinking you’re able to do it by contorting your body, just like you do while training.

Which means every time you lift you’re solidifying your muscle imbalances...

That’s not a reflexion on how strong you are, because it’s true even for me. I have to constantly go back to the basics I’m about to reveal in order to stay at the top of my game.

The truth is, there’s a very good chance you’ve got muscles right now that are completely turned off because of chemical stressors, dehydration, toxins, past injuries, faulty movement patterns and posture, or some other inhibition that prevents you from properly firing the muscle.

checker The good news is, the simple 6-second trick below can quickly reprogram your muscle activation and recharge your growth…
6 seconds trick

This may surprise you, yet the best way to reprogram your mind-muscle connection is actually with isometric exercises like posing.

One of the best things you can do for your physique is to add the kind of posing practice that bodybuilders do.

However, I stumbled upon a way to make that same principle even more specific, laser targeted and effective.

I was warming up for a workout at Powerhouse Gym in Tampa the same way I always do… with some light posing and muscle activation, and there happened to be TRX straps hanging right beside me. Certain poses aren’t always easy to do, some require practice and flexibility. I was struck with the idea of using them to add tension to my posing routine while increasing my
Range of Motion…

The muscle activation was mind blowing! I could feel every part of each muscle I trained during that workout... And my Direct Tension Isometrics™ method started to take shape. checker
Direct Tension Isometrics™ what is matAfter attending an M.A.T.™ seminar, I had another flash of insight… and I added many of their cutting edge activation techniques to my isometric warm-up routine.

Listen, M.A.T. is one of the most incredible systems of muscle activation ever created. I wish I could see my M.A.T. therapist every day. And I gladly fly across the country to get a session in whenever I can. The cutting edge techniques they've developed and apply in their certifications and practices are second to none.

However, I needed something I could do by myself that improved my workouts immediately and was very specific to muscle building.

So applying the same ideas and principles, I continued to experiment with different combinations and protocols until I came up with the most optimal and efficient way to awaken my nervous system for maximum muscle firing during my workouts…

It’s called Direct Tension Isometrics. It’s a strategic series of 6-second isometric exercises assisted by a TRX or similar band system. And I guarantee it is the quickest way for you to program your nervous system to fully engage and contract even the smallest part of every one of your muscles.

When you start using it
you will...

Personally, I use DTI 3 to 4 times per week for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to attain optimal muscle firing control. And when I don’t stick to it, I can tell… because I’m not able to maintain that laser-focused and specific mind-muscle connection on each individual part of the muscle I’m training.

That’s how powerful this simple protocol is…
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